To register a team, please do the following:

The early registration deadline is 11:59pm, Saturday, October 6.

You must register by the early registration deadline to be guaranteed an ICPC t-shirt. If you miss the early registration deadline, you can still register by 11:59pm, Friday, October 19 (but you may not get a t-shirt on the day of the contest)

NOTE: Due to funding changes in ICPC, Mid-Central will start charging a registration fee this year to cover the cost of running the contest. Teams will need to pay a $30 per person fee to register (note: each coach pays the fee only once, not once per team).

Coach’s FAQ

How do I register a second/assistant coach?

In the ICPC Registration system, add the additional coach to the team as an Attendee, then type in Assistant Coach as both the Badge Role and the Certificate Role. See a screenshot.

How do I cancel a team reservation?

You have to contact the Regional Contest Director to cancel a reservation.